Frequently asked questions

How does AutoBINGOOO work?

You create one or more search jobs in AutoBINGOOO, each specifying a vehicle model you are looking for. Afterwards you receive all new vehicle offers from over 60 online platforms. This was you save time and find every offer!

Through the display of current prices, you have a detailed overview to optimise your procurement and sales. We developed specific technology to read all relevant internet plattforms simultaneously and request the vehicle offers that suit your search jobs. This way AutoBINGOOO delivers offers quickly and in a wider range than any other search software. Those offers that have been found, are analysed, prepared and added with additional information. This way, we eliminate duplicates across multiple plattforms, show you the real amount of days vehicles have been on the market, and provide you with every information you need so that you can make your buying decision. 

Which licensing models do you offer?

BINGOOO offers monthly or yearly licenses.The yearly can be purchased for the price of only 10 monthly licenses, which saves you the costs of two full months

Our monthly licenses can be bought without a continuing subscription.

Are the licenses subscription based?

No. You get what you buy. The license you buy ends automatically. There is no automatic continuation or subscription, which makes cancelations obsolete


On what operating system does AutoBINGOOO work?

AutoBINGOOO is an App, which works on your PC or Mac. It is supported on Windows 10, 8, 7, Vista and XP, MAC OS X from 10.9 onwards

For iOS and Android mobile devices we offer the AutoBINGOOO mobile app additionally, to which the data received on your computer (PC or Mac) is forwarded. It is necessary to have an active license running on your computer in order to receive the push notifications on your mobile phone. 

How to install AutoBINGOOO on your computer

  • Check your computer if it meets the system requirements
  • Download the Software AutoBINGOOO on your Computer
  • Follow the instructions and allow for the installement in the setup program 
  • Start AutoBINGOOO
  • Enter your license key if available 
  • Start searching!

How can I ensure maximum speed and performance?

Assure that there is a fast internet connection available (ideally DSL 16 MBit or faster) and configure your security software so that AutoBINGOOO is not limited by it. Do not create too many search jobs. Depending on your internet bandwidth, we advise to not have more than 5-20 "permanent" search jobs.


Calling from the desktop application does not work

AutoBINGOOO holds the operating system standards regarding calling. We support multiple calling methods which you can change in your settings. For older phones (pre-smartphone era) and less costly models usually require the PC-software of the company. For smartphones with Android you get the Dialer-App, for iOS the AutoBINGOOO mobile App, which include calling options directly from your smartphone. 

AutoBINGOOO does not show results from a certain online platform

Wenn you create a search job and you do not get offers from certain online plattforms, this might be because the search criteria you chose is not available on that plattform. Should this be false, please contact our Support.


I cannot find my own vehicles in AutoBINGOOO

We set the expectation for us to find every vehicle with the respective search criteria. As long as no technical Issue is at hand, there can be mitigating factors however:

  • Too many search results. To ensure performance, the amount of results per online plattform is limited.
  • Your vehicle is not yet published online by the portal due to security checks.
  • Your vehicle does not reflect search criteria

The distance shown to the seller is not accurate

AutoBINGOOO shows the distance in a beeline. The actual distance to travel might be much longer. If no value is shown at all, enter your company address in the settings. This is the base value from which the distance is measured. 


What payment options do I have?

In our online shop, you can select PayPal payment services for the purchase of licenses. Depending on you country of origin or account, the payment options offered can vary. 
Who does not want to use these services, can also order by invoice. Simply write us and Email or give us a call

Which interfaces does AutoBINGOOO offer?

You can import your vehicles locally in AutoBINGOOO. Also, we offer interfaces to import vehicles from inhouse systems such as DAT, AutoProWeb, CarPresenter or other systems. With STX3, AutoBINGOOO Pro offers a further standard interface. 

Is AutoBINGOOO available for other operating systems than Windows?

In addition we offer AutoBINGOOO for Mac OSX. Linux is not offered natively, but it is possible to run Win32-Software via Windows emulators on Linux computers. However, we do not provide support for this configuraiton.


What are the system requirements for Windows?

  • PC with Windows 8, 7, XP
  • Fast internet connection
  •  2 GB RAM and 1 GB storage capacity recommended

For a server version, please contact our Support.

What are the system requirements for Mac?

  • Mac with OSX from 10.11
  • Fast internet connection
  •  4 GB RAM and 1 GB storage recommended

What are the system requirements for smartphones?

AutoBINGOOO mobile runs on iOS versions later than iOS 7.1 and Android versions later than Android 2.3.


CPU workload is very high when using BINGOOO

A certain workload is always normal because the software works for you permanently. Certain virus scanners, that also monitor any data exchange through the internet, can increase the workload drasticallly however. 
Create an application rule for BINGOOO in your security package, which prohibits monitoring BINGOOO's internet traffic. Simply telling the virus scanner to trust BINGOOO is often not sufficient. 

BINGOOO does not open the right browser, or no browser at all.

AutoBINGOOO always uses the standard browser on your Windows or Mac desktop. Through deleting and re-installing browsers, it is possible that no standard browser is set set. Set your standard browser in your settings or system preferences.

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