About Us

Since 20 years, BINGOOO AG delivers solutions for professional data research on the internet. Today, our search application delivers the latest and most complete (live) data from the automotive and real-estate sector, prepared in one overview for professional users, such as car dealers, real estate agents and more. The application was developed by our team in Germany. The company is led by Benny Kuhns and Maximilian Koch. Headquarters of the BINGOOO AG are located in Bonn, Germany.

The AutoBINGOOO Team

Our team at AutoBINGOOO pursues one goal, that is to deliver transparancy and efficiency for professional users and consumers in dealing with the large amount of online market places available in the automotive and real estate sector. We are a company providing data driven procurement and sales solutions for more than 20 years. With our combined expertise in the automotive and technology sector, we strive for delivering the best data to complement your business needs. Whether you look for the newest offers, market transparency, price evaluations or competitor analysis, we aim to deliver that to you.

Benny Kuhns


After finishing his BSc and MSc in international business at Maastricht University, Benny specialised in product development in the technology industry. During his time at Accenture, he focused on technology consulting within the automotive and medtech industry, specifically IT strategy, business process modelling, IT architectures and operations. Afterwards, Benny moved to Berlin to join a swiss big data plattform company for sustainability management as a product manager. 

Since 2021, Benny is the CEO of BINGOOO AG. His responsibilities range from product management, strategy, IT development, partner management and operations. His aim is to deliver the most extensive search engine for the automotive and real estate industry, to provide customers with the best data before making their sales and procurement decisions. 

Max Koch


After finishing his BSc and MSc in international business at Maastricht University and gaining experience at VAG and Rocket Internet, Max helped building the startup Vineyard Cloud. As the CFO and COO, he was responsible for funding, controlling, global sales- and product strategy, and global markets of the fast growing startup, which provides B2B SaaS solutions for vineyards and machine OEMs. 

Since mid-2021, Max is CFO at the BINGOOO AG and is responsible, for controlling, sales, marketing, strategy and operations. In order to continuously provide benchmark solutions to our customers and partners, Max always pursues lasting and close relationships with our customers