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General Overview

AutoBINGOOO plus

AutoBINGOOO basic + International Search + Mobile App

AutoBINGOOO plus pushes new offers to the BINGOOO mobile app on your iOS or Android Smartphone. Call the seller directly from the app and see the route to your destination for pick-up. Change your search enquiry on-the-go and synchronise it with your PC or Mac. To show 27 million offered cars from abroad, AutoBINGOOO plus provides access to 50 additional internaional portals.



Flexibility with Smartphone App

International search in 35 countries

Receive push-notifications on your smart phone

With our car search app BINGOOO mobile, you can forward all your car offers from your desktop app to your iOS or Android smartphone. Call the seller directly and let the app show you the fastest way to get there. You can create and manage your search requests, and syncrhonise them with your computer (PC or Mac). The BINGOOO mobile App  requires an aktive AutoBINGOOO license on your computer in order to work. 

International Car Search Portals

With AutoBINGOOO plus you have access to 50 further international portals from 34 countries. These include additional 27 million offers to the german market, which provide you with a competitive advantage towards your competition. 

AutoBINGOOO plus provides the widest scope in search options for used cars, with the most car search portals and countries


AutoBINGOOO plus + Market Observation, Inventory Evaluation and Sales Positioning

AutoBINGOOO pro delivers real prices and shows you, how your inventory is positioned within the car portals. Find the optimal price for faster sales and higher profit margins. With AutoBINGOOO pro you can evaluate your whole vehicle inventory regularly against the market. For each car, AutoBINGOOO provides vehicles with equal characteristics, internationally, nationally, or within your region. Observe your competitor's inventory and prices systematically and find your optimal strategy in return for revenue- and profit maximisation. 


Price observation for your vehicle inventory

Optimal price for continuous market observation

You want to compare the price of a vehicle or your inventory with the current market evaluation? Let AutoBINGOOO pro do the job - once or regularly!


Vehicle Lists

Import vehicles, purchases or requests in AutoBINGOOO pro for finding prices.

Import vehicle data via the vehicle identification number (VIN, KBA) through our API to your vehicle management system or from DAT.


Price-Check with AutoBINGOOO

Especially with vehicles, the market defines the prices! Use AutoBINGOOO pro to guarantee competitive pricing. 

Our car search engine provides prices for you automatically on a regional, national or international level. 

You can automatically create search requests and modify them according to your preferences, for example by changing the radius or further criteria. 

Continuous market-price-comparison

The market is highly dynamic! AutoBINGOOO pro searches the current prices from your inventory on a regular basis. 

AutoBINGOOO pro saves the newest market prices for each vehicle in your inventory - so you can interpret the development and set the optimal price.

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